So What Does a Trip Around the World Cost?

Leah: It only took 6 months, but I finally finished the master budget for all you inquisitive minds, and also because I want my sadistic, manic and meticulous record keeping preserved for posterity. My categorical breakdowns intensified as the trip progressed; while I didn't even have "tours" and "entrance fees" categories in most of Central/South America (and lumped those costs into "other"), they later materialized and affected the column totals accordingly. I know I'm probably the only nerd who truly cares that I wasn't consistent the entire time, but that's my disclaimer.

Alright, enough of the banter: CHECK OUT THE GRAND TOTAL HERE, although I've included a few random fun facts by the numbers for you:

597: Number of days we traveled abroad.

88: Days spent in New Zealand, the longest we stayed anywhere.

$17.74: Lowest cost-per-day average for two people (Ecuador).

$176.15: Highest cost-per-day average for two people (The Netherlands).

$597.37: Most spent on souvenirs in a single country (well played, Turkey, but we'll be enjoying our donkey bag and mosaic glass lanterns for decades to come).

67%: The amount of our trip we spent on Workaways, Couchsurfing or staying with friends and therefore living very, very cheaply.

$7,000: Amount we returned home with as a re-adjustment allowance (over half from 2013 tax returns).

3: Number of times between us we were ever sick with anything mildly worse than a cold.

2: Number of angels who made their presence known when we needed them most.

1: Number of foreign dogs adopted and flown through Finland, Norway, Iceland and the United States.

Too many to count: Number of times I was convinced for no logical reason that I was accidentally pregnant and panicked that we'd have to end our trip early.

And if you want to learn more about where our lives have taken us post-travel, read on.


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