Dare Us

Dare us to do something (almost anything) wild, crazy, weird and/or out of the ordinary for a monetary donation of your choosing to help us continue our adventure!

Assess our digestive fortitude (and gag reflexes!) with a food challenge, devise an embarrassing stunt we must accomplish in public, test our bravery with a physical stunt, or think creatively regarding anything else you can dream up. The only caveats are that it must be legal and we won't eat dog. We love dogs. That just ain't cool. If we successfully complete your challenge and post a photo as proof, then it's time for you to pay up using the "donate" button at the bottom of the page.

To participate, please give your challenge a title and leave it in the comment box below, along with a more detailed description (if needed) and the amount you will donate if we successfully complete it. We'll try and tackle as many as possible no matter where we are!

Dare #1: Antigua Treasure Hunt: Find Monoloco and eat pico de gallo with a Grapette COMPLETED

This one was easy and delicious. The only downside was that Monoloco was a Boston Red Sox bar...I felt like I was eating chips behind enemy lines...

Dare #2: Eat steak without wearing a hat (Steve) and eat fish without wearing green plaid shirt (Leah) COMPLETED

Dare #3: Steve must get a haircut and provide before (with adornments) and after pics. COMPLETED

Dare #4: Get a group picture taken in an interesting/unique place with Steve, Leah, Katie Sab, & Mike on a stick. Previous grouping/setting with the addition of a Kiwi with dreads garners bonus. COMPLETED (Sorry, no dreadlocked Kiwis were in sight)

Dare #5: Take care of our own "dogs" by getting a foot-rub or pedicure. COMPLETED

In the true spirit of the dare, Steve went outside of his comfort zone; he won't even let me touch his feet, so of course he had to get a manly pedicure (complete with facial expressions). I went for a pedi as well in a bright shade of mermaid blue- gotta love the juxtaposition with my mud-splattered boots!


  1. Antigua Treasure Hunt:

    Find the bar where I enjoyed CILANTRO in my pico de gallo for the first - and only - time. Have some, and wash it down with a Grapette. Hint: it's a crazy little monkey of a place.

    Reward: USD 15. Bonus: USD 5 more if you find it without looking at our website (I will trust your honest reporting).

  2. Ok, well done. And I'm sorry about the Sox - I had no idea! However, you both mentioned this dare being "easy" so I'm hoping that I - and everyone else - can manage to come up with more challenging dares in the future.

    Questions: How did you know it was Monoloco - bc of my hint? And how did you find it?

    Ok, I'm heading to the donate button right now...

  3. The easy part was eating pico de gallo and drinking a grape soda (even after my stomach was on the fritz). We probably would never have figured it out if it weren't for the hint--there are quite a few anuncios for this place so we knew what you were referring to rather quickly.

  4. DARE #2

    Find a restaurant that serves cow (for Stephen Matthew)and out-of-the-ocean fresh fish (for Leanna Jean)don't be cheapskates,and actually EAT THERE! Photo must include both plates, including cow (a steak, not ground up nastiness)and both of your smiling faces.
    Reward: $$50 USD. A $10 bonus if Steve is not wearing a baseball cap and Leah is not wearing her green plaid shirt.

  5. DARE #3 from the middle sis

    Steve has to get his hair cut (you love me steve, i know). but there have to be before and after pictures and the before picture must feature steve's hair all purdied up with a bow type frooney. Reward will be $50 USD.

  6. I'll donate an additional $50 to Dare #3's request when Stephen (I love you sweetie) gets a haircut!!!

  7. Ma n Pa McFail Dare -- a group picture taken in an interesting/unique place with Steve, Leah, Katie Sab, & Mike on a stick $20. Previous grouping/setting with the addition of a Kiwi with dreads $10 bonus.

  8. Since you've taken care of so many dogs, I dare you to take care of YOUR tired, aching dogs! $100 for a pic of you getting a pedi or foot rub.


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