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We want to thank you for visiting our blog; we're both new to this type of public story-telling, but we knew it would be the easiest way to stay in touch with everyone while we're vagabonding our way around the world. Just a few things to note:

1. Because we each have our own writing "voice", we'll be switching back and forth on blog posts and will let you know at the beginning of the paragraph as to who is writing. We figured that was easier than driving each other to madness in the jungle/desert/back of a chicken bus while trying to co-write each post.

2. While we both have minor experience in HTML and coding, we are far from proficient and we know there will be times where something looks bizarre or functions in a wacky way while we play around with blog capabilities. Let us know if you experience any user issues, broken web links or have general suggestions and we'll do our best to make the necessary changes.

3. As we discuss in our FAQs, couchsurfing and working/volunteering in exchange for room and board is a significant part of our plan for this trip. If you have friends, family or a lovely cousin of your mom's best friend's second grade teacher living anywhere in the world, please let us know! While of course we'd be grateful for a place to stay, we value interacting with locals above all else. Meeting your special person for a coffee, guided city tour or anything in between would be phenomenal and appreciated; we promise to pay it forward.


  1. I have no idea if you going to be close to Argentina but my friend Adolfo is there. He's one of my FB friends.

  2. Let me know if you are going to Ireland. My husband has more relatives there than I can count - including 300 who look like him in one town!

    Safe travels


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