Budget Synopsis: El Salvador

Days in country: 9
Food: $73.30
Lodging: $114  (Couchsurfed with Ever's family for 3 out of 9 days)
Transport: $67.35  (buses)
Other: $43.50  (internet, entrance fees, flowers)                            

TOTAL: $298.15= $33.12/day for 2 people

The guidebook budgeted $50/day for 2 people in El Salvador, so I'm stoked! Our transport expenditures were largely due to the bus from Guatemala to El Salvador ($43) and helping out with gas to get us from Cuidad Arce to the volcanoes ($15). Otherwise, we spent hardly anything to get around---cheap, cheap, cheap transport.

Despite staying with Ever's family for quite a few days, the beach hotel in La Libertad was brutal-$25/night-and drove up our lodging costs. It was also somewhat expensive to stay in Suchitoto ($16/night), but our food and transport expenses were very low since we stayed put and were able to buy food in the market and cook for ourselves in the kitchen, so those actually ended up being some of  our cheapest days. Finally, our "other" costs were a bit high since we splurged on a ton of fresh flowers ($30) for Ever's mom and sisters as a way to say thanks for treating us like gold.


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