Budget Synopsis: Honduras

Days in country: 7
Food: $103.92
Lodging: $45 (Couchsurfed 4 out of 7 days)
Transport: $65.23 (buses)
Other: $75.67 (border fees, entrance fees, kayak rental, souvenirs)

 TOTAL: $289.80= $41.40/day for 2 people

This country was a rude shock to the wallet—higher prices for everything than what we’ve been paying, plus a lack of subsidized bus fares did not make us happy. However, our guidebook listed a daily basic budget as $30/person; somehow we’re under that by quite a bit although it felt like the money was flowing like water. The entrance fees to Copan weren’t cheap ($15 each), and we were also taken advantage on the bus from San Pedro Sula to Lago de Yajoa and charged double for that fare. Our kayak rental through the hostel at the lake was a steep $15; while expensive, we’re glad we explored the lake that way, instead of with the rickety looking local wooden rowboats that don’t even use oar locks. We also broke down and enjoyed a few costlier-but fresher and healthier- meals at D&D Brewery. Finally, once again we Couchsurfed more than we stayed in hostels--we're getting better at this!


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