Budget Synopsis: Bolivia

Days in country: 15
Food: $171
Lodging: $137 (no Couchsurfing or Workaways)
Transport: $45.50 (buses)
Tours/admission fees: $246 (but contesting part of that) $166 (after $80 refund)
Visa fees: $270
Souvenirs: $11.50
Other: $86.50 (warm clothes, haircuts, sunscreen, batteries)           

Subtotal: $903- $100 earned for Steve haircut dare
TOTAL: $803= $53.53/day for 2 people ($35.53/day if you factor out the visa costs)

Can we talk for a minute about $135 visa fees?! This reciprocity business has got to quit. Anyway, we had utter failure on the Couchsurfing/Workaways front, but hostels were cheap and didn't impact the budget too much. Transport was also dirt cheap ($3/each for a 10 hour busride?!), as were the meals, both street-side and the occasional splurge in a restaurant. It was the Uyuni Salt Flats tour that we splurged on, although we're still trying to recoup some of our money on that one and will update accordingly after many emails back and forth and threatening to write poor reviews on Tripadvisor, we received a full refund for the 3rd day of the tour. P.S. Guide book listed daily cost somewhere between $15-25 person.


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