Budget Synopsis: Thailand

Days in country: 29
Food: $350.86
Lodging: $126.89 (21 nights were Workaways/homestays, 2 on overnight buses and 1 an overnight train)
Transport: $257.14 (buses, water taxis, trains, planes)
Souvenirs: $108.41 (clothes, elephant painting)
Entrance fees: $100 (wats, movies, elephants, tigers, pub quiz)
Other: $153.38 (maps, books, dentist, toiletries, laundry, camera charger)           

TOTAL: $1,096.68= $37.82/day for 2 people

While in my head months ago I had planned on a much smaller daily budget outcome, our actual average is still pretty respectable, given the sheer amount of eating we did as well as our other activities. Yet again we had some major expenses covered through a Workaway or by staying with a host family and even after splurging on a private room at the beach as well as flying back down to Bangkok from Chiang Mai we still did a great job budget wise. We could have saved even more by eating solely at the markets and cutting down on our alcohol/smoothie/7 Eleven snack runs, but all things considered we weren't about to pass up the opportunity for cheap gluttony.

NOTE: While I'm not including airfares between countries in our individual country budgets (it would drastically skew the numbers), we paid $592.60 for two tickets on Sri Lankan Air to fly from Bangkok, Thailand to Dubai, UAE (via Sri Lanka). 


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