Budget Synopsis: Turkey

Days in country: 27
Food: $534.10
Lodging: $470 (3 overnight buses, 6 nights Couchsurfing)
Transport: $625 (taxis, buses)
Souvenirs: $597.37 (lamps, donkey bag)
Entrance fees: $248.42 (museums, historic sights)
Tours: $447.37 (island cruise, hot air ballooning)
Visas: $40
Other: $12.63 (toiletries, public bathrooms)           

TOTAL: $2,974.89= $110.18/day for 2 people

We have a new record, folks! Turkey's a big country and no longer as cheap as it once was; our bank accounts took a hit on this one but we're taking solace in the fact that other cheaper countries will help balance it out. Transport fees across the country added up quickly, as did lodging, though we we only once sprang for a private room on purpose. Our biggest expenses were our souvenirs and hot air balloon ride, none of which we regret but all of which were a giant chunk of dough. If we remove the cost of those items our daily average would have been a more respectable $71/day, but then we wouldn't have the memories or a donkey bag to adorn the home we don't have!


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