Budget Synopsis: Armenia

Days in country: 8
Food: $131.44
Lodging: $180.05
Transport: $41.68 (buses, metro, taxi, marshrutka)
Souvenirs: $3.65
Entrance fees: $19.46 (museums, historic sights)
Tours: $29.20 (Garni and Geghard)
Visas: $14.60
Other: $9.88 (laundry, postage, candles in church)           

TOTAL: $429.96= $53.75/day for 2 people

As with Georgia, not much to report here. We didn't Couchsurf at all but also only paid a little over $10/night each for a bed in a four person dorm with breakfast included. We walked everywhere or took the cheap metro or marshrutkas and a typical meal out only cost us about $6 or so for both of us. Food and transport in general was marginally cheaper than Georgia but accommodation was about the same.


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