Budget Synopsis: Georgia

Days in country: 10
Food: $175.18
Lodging: $145.45 (1 overnight train, 1 night spent at the airport, 2 nights Couchsurfing)
Transport: $107.88 (metro, taxi, buses)
Souvenirs: $4.27
Entrance fees: $13.33 (museums, historic sights)
Other: $11.71 (toiletries, public bathrooms)           

TOTAL: $457.82= $45.78/day for 2 people

Nothing too much to write on this one. Food was cheap, transport was ridiculously cheap ($0.30 for a metro or bus ride!) and Couchsurfing a few nights kept accommodation even lower although we never spent more than $25 a night to cover both of us in a dorm room.

NOTE: While I'm not including airfares between countries in our individual country budgets (it would drastically skew the numbers), we paid $620.32 for two tickets on LOT Polish Airlines to fly from Tbilisi, Georgia to Sofia, Bulgaria (via Warsaw). 


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