Budget Synopsis: Bulgaria

Days in country: 18
Food: $126.51
Lodging: $192 (12 days on a Workaway)
Transport: $70.93 (taxi, trains)
Entrance fees: $20 (museums, movies)
Tour: $56.67
Other: $18.73 (haircuts, postage)           

TOTAL: $484.84= $26.94/day for 2 people

Let's hear it for Bulgaria! Our time with Mel and Darren on our Workaway was not only good for the soul, but also quite good for the coffers as well. When in hostels we were paying about $12-13/per person/night and food (and beer) was ridiculously cheap as well, especially given portion sizes and variety. Train travel didn't cause us to take a hit either (about $3.50/pp for a 2.5 hour train ride and about $17/pp for our 6 hour international ride to Bucharest.). All in all, one of our lowest daily totals on the trip, which should hopefully offset some of the higher European countries to come.


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