Budget Synopsis: Estonia

Days in country: 5
Food: $123.47
Lodging: $151.20
Transport: $159.20 (buses, ferry)
Entrance fees: $14.67 (movies) 

TOTAL: $448.54= $89.71/day for 2 people

Damn the Euro! At 1.3 Euros to 1 US dollar, we knew we were in for some scrimping, but even our best efforts couldn't keep us below our daily target. Once again Couchsurfing didn't work out despite all our requests, so we were stuck paying for accommodation (although our Hostelling International card thankfully saved us a few bucks a night while at the hostel). Transport was also a killer; the four hour bus ride that cost us $12/person in Poland equated to $40/person here. We ate only one restaurant meal and self-catered for the rest, but even buying ingredients in the store proved to be a bit of a hit. We also splurged on a movie, paying almost $15 for 2 tickets. All in all, we blame the exchange rate, transport costs and lack of couch availability for our higher daily average.


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