Budget Synopsis: Finland

Days in country: 77
Food: $593.38
Lodging: 100% FREE (Couchsurfing and Workaway)
Transport: $903.15 (buses, train, plane, water taxi)
Entrance fees: $16.34 (museums) 
Souvenirs: $85.05 (necklace, mug for Couchsurfer)
Other: $282.31 (clothes suitable for husky farm work in Arctic)

TOTAL: $1,880.23= $24.42/day for 2 people

Transport was the killer here--it cost almost $800 round-trip for both of us just to get up and back to Hetta from Helsinki (we did a train/bus combo on the way up and a bus/plane combo on the way back). Because most of our time was spent in a Workaway our other costs were pretty low, although every time indulged in reindeer burgers and fried at Cafe Silja (once a week at most) we set ourselves back $35 and we were definitely supplementing the provided food with our own shopping. My necklace was a definite splurge and our clothing, while almost all from second hand stores, was over $200 just to get us kitted out and ready for Lapland. However, all things considered, we got out of Scandinavia pretty cheaply!

NOTE: While I'm not including airfares between countries in our individual country budgets (it would drastically skew the numbers), we paid $269.60 for two tickets on SAS to fly from Helsinki, Finland to Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


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