Budget Synopsis: The Netherlands

Days in country: 2
Food: $67.84
Lodging: $132.85
Transport: $50.36 (buses, train)
Entrance fees: $43.20 (museums) 
Other: $58.05

TOTAL: $352.30= $176.15/day for 2 people

You just have to laugh at this one--an all-time record high! We knew these stopover would kill us financially but after getting out of Finland relatively cheaply we just didn't care. The private room did us in but was worth it several times over and overall anything we spent over just two days would drive our totals through the roof. Well done us!

NOTE: While I'm not including airfares between countries in our individual country budgets (it would drastically skew the numbers), we paid $215.97 for two tickets on Aer Lingus to fly from Amsterdam, The Netherlands to Dublin, Ireland.


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